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a bit about me:

Bones Leopard is a twin and nonbinary writer and artist who currently resides in Massachusetts. Their projects include illustrating CLEAN UP from CCP Comics, twice successful Kickstarter project [SUPER]NATURAL ATTRACTION, and their webcomic MR. HARE & MR.BEAR.


In 2018 they successfully funded the kickstarter PANDORA'S BOOK OF MONSTERS which led to writing PANDORA'S LEGACY for BOOM! Studios. In 2021 they worked with BOOM! Studios again with SAVE YOURSELF! in four single issues. They have a book called IDENTICAL coming out in 2023 with Hatchett/Little Brown. 

Bones has experience from working on small personal projects to working with large teams on major licenses. They have experience guest teaching classes, running panels and as a guest lecturer.

Photo by Kyle Leopard

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