Pandora's Legacy

Published by BOOM! Studios

Written by Bones Leopard and illustrated by Kelly and Nichole Matthews.

What starts out as a typical family vacation to their grandparents house goes sideways when Charlie, Janet, and Trevor Panagakos accidentally break an old jar that was hidden away deep in the woods… revealing they’re descendants of Pandora and their family’s tasked with protecting a certain famous box.

Now on the run, these siblings have to figure out how to capture all the monsters that have escaped the jar—and save the rest of their family—before it’s too late. Between talking cats, trying not to drop their phone, and making new friends, this is one vacation that these kids will never forget.

Pandora's Book of Monsters

Successfully funded through Kickstarter

A Bestiary and guide to monsters in the Pandora's Legacy universe.

Pandora's Book of Monsters was a successful Kickstarter in 2018 that brought about the book Pandora's Legacy from BOOM! Studios.

Pandora's Book of Monsters includes over 50 monsters with descriptions written by Bones Leopard and the art by Kelly and Nichole Matthews.

[Super]Natural Attraction

Successfully Funded on Kickstarter
Sold Digital on Comixology

Persephone was about start her second year of college, when she was tragically killed in a hit and run. Luckily, her eccentric med-student roommate have found a way to "fix" her. She is now returned from the dead with only a few scars as proof it of the incident. However, her unique situation allows her to find out her school campus is full of vampires, werewolves, demons, witches, satyrs, and every magical creature from legend. No one else can see their true nature. This makes her a curiosity to the whole new found community and a useful tool to the local monster hunter looking for proof.

Written by Kel McDonald, Illustrated by Bones Leopard, Colors by Whitney Cogar.

Mr.Hare & Mr.Bear


Meet Roger Hare. He's an up and coming novelist and single father of triplets. One night after a long trip he finds a man passed out in front of his apartment door and decides to bring him inside. What kind of sane person does that? Who's this mystery man and how much is he going to change Roger's life.

Written and Illustrated by Bones Leopard.

You can find it online here:

They Have Issues

Successfully funded on Kickstarter

Volume one of an Anthology created by women and LGBT+ creators who have all worked or currently work at comic shops.

The story "The Book" is written by Nicole Andelfinger and illustrated by Bones Leopard.

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